Huron John is a 20 year old alternative pop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Producing, writing and performing 100% of his material, he is bent on creating an immersive new experience through sound and visuals.


early june, and its like 8:00 PM the sun is just going down and its hot as ****, you feel very sticky and you're holding a popsicle. the popsicle is dripping down your arm so your hand is now covered in a layer of syrup, stuck to the stick. the ink from the joke that was printed on the wooden stick has smushed and faded from ur sticky ass hands so u can't read it anymore. u also just tried to fix your bike chain so your hands are stained with black bike grease. all you've ate today are chocolate chip cookies, you wanna go to the pool tomorrow morning at sunrise so you can swim with all the elderly people in silence. your *one* working earbud has been playing into your ear all day, the neighborhood feels like an overheated Wii disc drive. you smell like sunscreen, your pockets are filled with pokemon cards and spare change. 


-february 25, 2018



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